Destiny games going offline today for first weekly reset

Destiny games going offline today for first weekly reset

Destiny games going offline today for first weekly reset

Destiny 2 is expected to be one of the top-selling games of 2017.

Destiny 2 Guardians only have a handful more hours to go until they can begin playing the game's first Raid, now known as Leviathan.

Any players of Destiny 2 - and there's at least 1.2 million of you - who have struggled to drag themselves away from their screens since the game's launch last week are being given the ideal opportunity by Bungie, which is taking the servers offline for four hours today for scheduled maintenance.

According to Bungie, Destiny 2 has over 1.2 million concurrent players recorded as having gone online, meaning there could be the return of server queues later this week - especially if everyone is funneling into the Raid at the same time.

Being within the bracket is just one piece of the puzzle though.

Released on September 6th for consoles, Destiny 2 was on the radar of many within the gaming community following the success of the original "Destiny" title that was released in 2014. However, Bungie themselves have laid out a plan for players to hit 260 power level.

Most notably, of course, is the addition of the first raid called Leviathan though it technically doesn't open until tomorrow. It might sound like a lot of work, but Raids arguably offers the best experiences in the Destiny series, so players should do them right. The other way, if you get exhausted from them, is to any of the planet and find an area with vendor in it. The loot you acquire throughout the raid will also make you stronger to even things up. The real farming begins as you roam around the area and attempt the public events. Your aim will be to get blue gear while you can also get some nice exotic gear here.

The maintenance will commence at 3pm United Kingdom time (4pm CEST/7am PT/10am ET) and is scheduled to end after four hours at 7pm United Kingdom time (8pm CEST/8am PT/11am ET). This is a tricky process but it can be read in detail from here.

PC players, stay patient - Destiny 2 is launching for you Tuesday, October 24.

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