'Be Afraid of the Dark' Episode of AHS: CULT

'Be Afraid of the Dark' Episode of AHS: CULT

'Be Afraid of the Dark' Episode of AHS: CULT

And the romance drama "Like Crazy" arrives on Netflix. "American Horror Story: Cult" has a nightmare for every political persuasion.

Clinton supporters mourning the death of democracy are depicted as both caricatures and audience surrogates here-sure it's cringy when Winter Anderson (Billie Lourd), who dropped out of Vassar to work for Hillary, wonders why CNN didn't preface the results with a trigger warning, or when Ally Mayfair-Richards (Sarah Paulson) begins to literally scream as the results are confirmed.

Across town, blue-haired Kai (show regular Evan Peters) celebrates Trump's victory by dropping a bag full of cheese puffs in a blender and giving himself a facial.

Later on, while attempting to create the prix fixe menu for their restaurant, viewers witness Ally's hemophobia, an extreme and irrational fear of blood, and trypophobia, an extreme fear of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps.

Grounded in an adrenalized version of the divisive reality that now coats the country, the 11-episode seventh season finds an increasingly anxious Paulson and new cast member and The Newsroom alum Alison Pill as the nearly too easily mockable, Rachel Maddow-loving married proprietors of an upscale restaurant. What better way to power through the rest of the week than by scaring yourself with Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and the rest of the cast?

Subsequently, Ally, who is up-ended by the political events, seeks therapy with Dr. Rudy Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson) to try and manage her spiraling fears.

Among the threats included in the teaser from FX is Twisty the Clown.

Eichner is one of several new faces who will appear on Season 7 of American Horror Story. At the beginning of the show, viewers learn that Winter has spent the past year working tirelessly on the campaign trail to earn Hillary Clinton votes.

American Horror Story has long since moved into this realm, and despite the curiosity of the show's ratings, each new season feels a lot more like watching the behind-the-scenes bonus feature than watching anything that is actually a show itself. Councilman Chang (Ally's friend from Election Night) tells him that this whole Trump election is just a blip, it's not the new normal.

Do not read on unless you've seen the premiere of "American Horror Story: Cult", titled "Election Night", which aired September 5 on FX. You can probably guess where this is going. While the co-stars have stepped into many roles over the course of the franchise - Paulson has played seven, with two of her characters making cameos on subsequent seasons, and Peters, six before Cult - the two had never been linked up romantically until Roanoke.

Focusing on two juxtaposing views of election night, the series will follow Ally and her family - her wife, Ivy, and son, Oz - and the assumed antagonist, Kai. But, the bigger question remains: Did he see them? So far, the show doesn't reflect our anxieties so much as exploit them.

"Things that we were shooting in May in our country have come true in the past six weeks even", said Murphy.

Giant red noses fit into the larger Trump-world narrative because Ally is dealing with a serious clown phobia that's resurfacing at least in part because of her election angst.

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