Apple CEO Tim Cook says iPhone AR update is 'a profound day'

Apple CEO Tim Cook says iPhone AR update is 'a profound day'

Apple CEO Tim Cook says iPhone AR update is 'a profound day'

Might sound fancy for a smartphone and it is because it is being done for the first time. Sure, if you would like to have one of the newest devices and think that the X is too expensive, you could do that. It's hard to believe, but Cook may have a point.

It will work on the iPhone 8 Plus ($799.00 at Apple) and iPhone X ($999.99 at Apple). In India, it's even more expensive at ₹89,000 - or $1,383. Yep, so far the Siri face can't pull info from third-party apps, but Apple didn't rule out this happening in the future.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says his company's $999 iPhone X is available at a great price considering what buyers get for their money.

Apple showcased Face ID at the September Launch event of the iPhone recently, touting technology which had already been long tried by Android counterparts and faded due to their impracticality or bad implementation. "So very few people will pay the price tag of the phone initially". "As it turns out, most people are paying for phones over long periods of time", he said. A variety of trade-in programs, installment deals, and carrier subsidies make the device more affordable. AR became widely popular with the Pokemon Go app a year ago that allowed players to "catch" virtual Pokemon scattered across real life locales."Later today hundreds of millions of customers will be able to use AR for the first time, so we're bringing it to mainstream", Cook said. "We want to help people". Vehicle companies have been releasing "new" versions of their cars annually for decades with incremental updates added to justify the cost of the new version.

The Wall Street Journal's Geoffrey Fowler said this is "not the upgrade you're looking for", and noted that, while there are fun upgrades for portrait photos and augmented reality, the differences aren't enough to justify an upgrade from the iPhone 7. Apple's retail partners, like Best Buy and Walmart, offer similar options. Apple itself has an iPhone Upgrade Program that allows you to get the iPhone X for about $50 per month, along with the option to get the 2018 iPhone when it comes out. And besides, Apple's goal isn't to make huge amounts of money anyway, he said Tuesday in an interview with ABC's "Good Morning America" that's sure to raise eyebrows. Notably, the iPhones are the top-selling smartphones in the United States, according to Kantar Worldpanel. The question that should be of more importance is whether the iPhone X is worth its price considering its value for its user over its lifetime. Its tests showed the iPhone 8-Plus outperforming the 7-Plus by 67% when running the 3DMark IS graphics benchmark, by 28% when running the popular Geekbench 3 CPU benchmark in single-core mode and by 84% when running Geekbench 3 in multi-core mode.

Let's review how the iPhone's prices have increased in recent years.

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