A flaw in the same-sex marriage survey has voters concerned

A flaw in the same-sex marriage survey has voters concerned

A flaw in the same-sex marriage survey has voters concerned

Wallabies superstar Israel Folau has sparked a Twitter backlash by revealing he will not support the push for same-sex marriage.

All Australian citizens are legally required to participate in referendums with the country now readying itself for a non-binding vote on whether same-sex marriage should be legalised.

In a major win for the government, the full bench of the court found the $122 million voluntary mail-in ballot - approved not by Parliament but by executive power - was legal.

There would be "scant opportunity" after the survey result is published on November 15 for serious consideration of protections because of the pressure for parliament to move quickly on legislation.

"Change in this country only ever happens when people participate in the change", Mr Shorten told reporters in Canberra.

Meanwhile, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) - the government department in charge of handling the survey - said people shining torches through envelopes was not a security issue.

The prime minister, who had been an ardent advocate of taking a vote, is encouraging Australians to vote "yes" on same-sex marriage.

Even if the same-sex couples can marry, it will not be marriage equality.

Australian rugby star Israel Folau‏ says he does not support gay marriage.

In addition, the poll asks respondents if they have favorable or unfavorable views of Malcolm Turnbull.

Australia Post has since confirmed Mr Nolan does not work for them.

Gay Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman, one of the "rebels" who pushed for a free vote, said the stakes were very high and conceded a "no" vote would kill reform "for many years".

"We call on all leaders of the Church who are encouraging a "no" vote to publicly reject Mr Shelton's risky and damaging words".

Some conservative lawmakers threatened to resign if Turnbull did not stick to the public vote, while more liberal members said they would side with the opposition Labor Party to secure same-sex marriage if the PM did not resolve the issue.

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