"Wonder Woman" - PG-13

"Wonder Woman" - PG-13

But even more, we need real-life heroes like Gadot.

Gadot will reprise her role as Wonder Woman in the upcoming 2017 film "Justice League". The two hours and twenty-one minutes of Wonder Woman is some of the most enjoyable, exhilarating, and empowering I have ever experienced in the superhero genre. Wright later adds, "And more of the story, you get some of the history".

Because actors are restricted from spoiling their shiny new movies, it's expected that the vague phrasing leaves the circumstances of General Antiope's return unclear. Obviously Gal Gadot would return as Wonder Woman, probably alongside Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta.

Following the near-universal positive reception to Wonder Woman - and an outstanding opening weekend - DC and Warner Bros. have to be breathing a sigh of relief. However, Warner Bros now recognizes that one movie doesn't represent a whole series and that there's still a lot in the air surrounding this whole universe of films.

I was skeptical when Gal Gadot was cast as the ultimate warrior princess, but I was won over by her performance in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice". When Capt. Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), an American spy assigned to British intelligence, crash-lands in the sea around the island in 1918 with German soldiers hot on his heels, the Amazons become alerted to the bad war that is raging in the world outside.

Gal Gadot has also played Gisele in three Fast & Furious movies earlier, apart from appearing in her Wonder Woman character in Batman vs Superman too.

The year is only halfway over, so there's still time for another film to swoop in and steal the Twitter title from "Wonder Woman". Aside from this, I bet the American government would be particularly interested in her origin story and how they could get her to work for them.

The box office records broken by Wonder Woman reveal that many people preferred pure escapism last weekend. Through a series of tests, Artemis, an Amazon from a rival tribe, was crowned the new Wonder Woman and made it her sacred duty to protect the Earth. Since it looks like Justice League will revolve around the Mother Boxes, is it possible that one of those boxes is hiding out on Themiscyra?

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