Why Jeff Sessions's testimony on Russian Federation is so important

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will testify in an open hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, be open to the public, according to the committee's leaders.

Now one day ahead of Sessions' testimony before the Senate intelligence committee, Warren voiced strong thoughts about her former colleague. Watch live in the player above.

It has never been clear how Sessions could have recused himself from the Russian Federation investigation, but still involved himself in the decision to fire the FBI director, given that the decision to fire Comey was directly linked to the Russian Federation investigation. Warren said she is looking forward to finding out more about Sessions' role in Comey's firing, although the White House suggested Sessions could invoke executive privilege during his testimony depending on "the scope of the questions".

Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., said "there's a real question of the propriety" of Sessions' involvement in Comey's dismissal, because Sessions had stepped aside from the federal investigation into contacts between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign. He said at his January confirmation hearing that he had not met with Russians during the campaign.

But officials said Sessions's relationship with Trump has been strained since the attorney general recused himself from the Russian Federation probe in March. In fact, I suspect that someone on Trump's staff is combing though all his mentions of Comey tapes to see how they can spin it.

Lawmakers, including Al Franken of Minnesota and Patrick Leahy of Vermont, have asked the FBI to investigate and to determine if Sessions committed perjury when he denied having had meetings with Russians.

Sessions is likely to face questions by the Senate Intelligence Committee, chaired by Sen.

"We've obviously pressed the White House", he told AP.

A third participant in that meeting, White House senior adviser and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner volunteered in March to testify before the intelligence committee.

Democrats said Sessions needs to resolve conflicting evidence about contacts with Russians and to explain if and why he recommended Comey's firing by Trump, an action that could be a violation of his recusal.

The former Federal Bureau of Investigation director also testified that the agency had believed Sessions was "inevitably going to recuse" for reasons he could not elaborate on.

Can you commit to discuss with the committee in a closed session the reasons for your recusal from the Russian Federation investigation?

California Sen. Kamala Harris asked Comey for more detail about this scene when he appeared last week. Sessions reportedly offered to resign in wake of the president's criticism.

On "Fox & Friends" Monday, Conway noted Comey's testimony that Loretta Lynch, as President Barack Obama's attorney general, directed him to describe the FBI probe into Hillary Clinton's email practices as a "matter" and to avoid calling it an investigation. Mueller was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein last month.

Conway also said Comey's testimony showed President Donald Trump was not under investigation.

"I'm not satisfied with "I do not believe it is appropriate" or 'I do not feel I should answer, ' " King said.

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