What happened in Bill Cosby's sexual-assault trial

What happened in Bill Cosby's sexual-assault trial

What happened in Bill Cosby's sexual-assault trial

His defense lawyers asked Constand why she continued to telephone Cosby after the alleged assault and attended one of his comedy shows. In 2004, he invited her to his mansion in Pennsylvania and promptly gave her three "herbal" pills, instructing her to "swallow them down" and saying that they were her "friends".

"She told the jury she started feeling woozy after about 20 minutes, with blurred vision, slurred words and legs that felt like rubber".

Cosby then penetrated her with his hand and also placed her hand on his penis and moved it back and forth, she said.

Shortly after, she told him she had become "frozen" and incapacitated, she testified. Johnson and Constand are two of over sixty women who have accused Cosby of similar crimes. She complied, although Cosby did not look at her, nor did he look at her throughout the testimony, even turning his head away at times.

Tuesday's testimony from Constand was also the first time she had spoken publicly about Cosby, due to the terms of a confidential 2006 settlement preventing her from doing so. According to CNN, the defense heavily underlined the fact that Johnson's claim ostensibly stemmed from verbal abuse by her boss, but Miller's memory of her teary deposition tracked closely with the version of events Johnson outlined Monday.

Dozens of women have now come forward claiming the comedian drugged and sexually assaulted them as well.

"You called him on Valentine's Day", Agrusa said.

"This case is about trust, betrayal and the inability to consent", prosecutor Kristen Feden said during opening statements. "Her self-esteem was really damaged".

Agrusa contended that the advances Cosby made on Constand on two occasions - touching her thigh one time, and attempting to unbutton her trousers and pull down her zipper another - signaled his romantic interest.

"I told her that Mr. Cosby has sexually violated me and had given me pills", Constand testified Tuesday. "I wanted guidance and I wanted to protect myself", Constand explained.

When asked why she continued to meet with Cosby after the incident, Constand replied, "I wasn't scared of somebody making a pass at me".

He gave her wine as well, she said.

Constand, 44, also faced questions over the night prior to her alleged attack that she allegedly met Cosby at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in CT. She felt "terrible" about it, she said, especially when her mother brought Cosby some Canadian souvenirs. And after they talked about that for a little while at Cosby's residence outside of Philadelphia, she says he went upstairs and returned with some pills.

"The man that I've known as a child was amusing and witty and smart and philanthropic and full of advice", she told ABC News.

Constand said she went to a few dinners with Cosby, two times in groups with other individuals.

Demonstrating Constand's awareness of Cosby's romantic interest would have little bearing on whether she gave consent during the interaction in question.

The chief accuser of the 79-year-old actor is expected to return to the witness stand Wednesday.

Every accusation but Constand's is too old to be the subject of criminal prosecution and the outcome of trial in Norristown, Pennsylvania, hinges on whether jurors are persuaded by her testimony. She testified in graphic detail about the evening in 2004, when she claims he drugged and sexually assaulted her.

Frazier, best-known for her starring role in the 1972 cult blaxploitation film, "Super Fly", was accompanied by her husband, John Atchison, a celebrity hairstylist whose client roster includes Cosby and his wife, Camille. I have no recollection until at some point later I was jolted awake... and I felt Mr. Cosby's hand groping my breasts under my shirt.

Constand said the last thing she recalls from the alleged incident is waking up around four or five in the morning, and walking towards the kitchen, where Cosby was. "He didn't want that", Sewell said.

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