Senior Ukrainian intelligence officer killed in car bombing

Ukraine probes blast of Colonel Maksim Shapoval's auto as "terrorist act", saying it was caused by explosive device.

At least one military intelligence officer in Ukraine has been killed by a auto bomb Tuesday, the country's Defense Ministry announced.

Police said law enforcement officers received a message at 8:16 Kyiv saying a Mercedes had exploded at a crossroads in the Solomyansky district, killing a man inside the vehicle and wounding a passerby. Ukrainian media reported that Shapoval was chief of military intelligence's special forces.

Police said they were treating the explosion as a terrorist attack.

"At the present time, the picture gathered of the crime suggests it was a planned terrorist act", he said.

Reports said that the incident is the second one in four days.

Forensic experts examine the wreckage of a vehicle in Kiev, Ukraine, Tuesday, June 27, 2017.

Earlier this month, a man from Russia's Chechnya region posing as a French reporter shot and wounded Adam Osmayev, a Chechen who moved to Ukraine and who fought on Kyiv's side against Russia-backed militants in eastern Ukraine.

Last March, Russian opposition politician Denis Voronenkovwas shot dead outside a hotel in central Kyiv.

Police say the car's driver was killed immediately and two passers-by were slightly injured in the Tuesday morning blast.

At least 10,000 people have been killed in the conflict.

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