Sen. Murphy: Trump's Policy is to 'Do the Opposite'

"We call on Congress to permanently remove restrictions on travel and trade to Cuba by enacting the bipartisan measures introduced in the House and the Senate, the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act of 2017 and the Cuba Trade Act of 2017, restoring the freedom to travel, trade and learn", Welch concluded.

Trump also demanded the return of us fugitives including Joanne Chesimard, a black militant convicted in 1977 of the murder of a New Jersey state trooper.

The new policy also requires USA travelers to Cuba use certain cruise lines and airlines unassociated with Cuban military operations. However, in a shift from Obama's approach, Trump said trade and other penalties would stay in place until a long list of prerequisites was met.

However, Trump has threatened to undo any deal Washington made with Havana if Cuba fails to take steps to improve the lives of the Cuban people. "Officially, today, they are rejected".

"More importantly, as Cuba moves to reform its economy in the post-Castro era, American businesses should be present to lead by example", Marriott's statement said.

The policy change once again raised questions about whether or not Trump has done enough to separate his business interests from his public office.

The Castro government said in a statement that Trump's speech "reminded the times of open confrontation with our country, announced the policy of his government towards Cuba which reverts the progress achieved in the past two years". Despite bitter criticism and personal attacks, most have continued to operate, many with a degree of support from USA individuals and foundations that would have been impossible before the reestablishment of diplomatic relations.

For one, embassies will remain open to continue diplomatic relations reignited after years of hostility. United States airlines and cruise ships are to still be allowed to serve the island 145km south of Florida.

Trump criticized former President Barack Obama's policy of not helping Cubans. Cuban-Americans can still send money to relatives and travel to the island without restriction. And the US government will police other trips to ensure travelers are pursuing a "full-time schedule of educational exchange activities".

Once implemented Trump's policy is expected to curtail United States travel by creating a maze of rules for Americans to obey.

Run by Castro's son-in-law Luis Rodriguez Lopez-Callejas, GAESA has joint ventures with several foreign firms that have driven a tourism boom, including the Marriott hotel chain. On Thursday, seven Republican lawmakers from outside Florida whose districts see agricultural, industrial or commercial opportunities in Cuba wrote Trump to argue that keeping a foothold Cuba is important for US national security.

Sen. Jerry Moran, a Kansas Republican, says President Donald Trump's new Cuba policy closes off a potentially lucrative market for American farmers. In the weeks after his election victory, Trump forcefully hinted at his plans for Cuba. "We now hold the cards", Trump said.

"You went out and you voted, and here I am, like I promised".

"Trump is adding teeth to Obama's previous policy, and he's talking about putting the human rights issue first".

The Obama administration had restored diplomatic relations with its Cold War foe in December 2014.

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