Ontario proposes $15 an hour minimum wage from January 2019

Ontario proposes $15 an hour minimum wage from January 2019

Ontario proposes $15 an hour minimum wage from January 2019

The CBC says Premier Kathleen Wynne is announcing a plan to increase the minimum wage in Ontario to $15 an hour.

Kevin Flynn, Minister of Labour, said: "These changes will ensure every hard-working Ontarian has the chance to reach their full potential and share in Ontario's prosperity".

The Changing Workplaces review concluded that new technology, a shrinking manufacturing sector and fewer union jobs, among other factors, have left approximately one-third of Ontario's 6.6 million workers vulnerable.

Dias said that the union is thrilled that Ontario will be the second province in Canada to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

To address these concerns and protect Ontario's businesses and its economy, the Timmins Chamber is insisting alongside the Ontario Chamber that the provincial government spend the coming months examining the economic impact of each proposed change, with an eye on implementing only those that are proven to meet certain economic thresholds, or that are offset by other economic measures.

The Keep Ontario Working Coalition, formed in response to the proposed labour law changes, warned the changes will lead to "unintended consequences, including job losses, rising consumer costs, and economic hardship".

Legislating three weeks paid vacation for all Ontario workers upon employment. It will rise, as scheduled, with inflation from $11.40 now to $11.60 in October.

Across North America, governments are recognizing that a $15 minimum wage is a starting point for having decent work.

"This is not the time for government to brush aside your struggles and cling to the status quo", Wynne said during remarks at a question and answer event Tuesday.

New Democrat leader Andrea Horwath, who committed in April 2016 to a $15 minimum wage, launched a blistering attack Tuesday on Wynne.

While the Wynne government's moves on workplace reform are being broadly cheered by unions, anti-poverty groups and low-wage workers, some believe there is a cold political calculus at the root of it.

Sources say Wynne wants to strike a balance in the reforms - which will not be introduced in the legislature until the fall session - to ensure they are acceptable to both employees and employers.

"Increasing the minimum wage will make a world of difference in millions of lives", Premier Wynne said today.

The CFIB and other business groups have some grounds to be irritated: in 2014 the government said it was taking the politics out of the minimum wage by raising it, then promising - no backsies - that they'd only increase it following a set inflation formula from then on.

"For instance, your employer will now be required to pay you three hours' wages if they cancel your shift with less than 48 hours' notice".

Right now, there is no guaranteed paid leave for those coping with a family emergency.

"I would suspect that in the very near future the cost of a cup of coffee, or a hamburger, or products that we purchase on a regular basis, . will increase", said Karl Baldauf, vice president, policy and government relations at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

Especially considering they're also getting unconditional free money.

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