Mom lets snake bite 1-year-old daughter

Mom lets snake bite 1-year-old daughter

Mom lets snake bite 1-year-old daughter

A Florida mom is under fire after she posted a video to her Facebook page of her letting a snake bite her infant daughter on the finger.

The woman, who was not identified by the television station, said she felt it was a "good opportunity" to introduce the child to snakes "without actually getting hurt". The mother says she does not regret the wildlife lesson, saying it was to teach her toddler about how to handle animals and which ones are not harmful.

The woman lives on nine acres in rural Highlands County.

"St. Laurent said that the interaction...had the desired effect and even though the snake was soon tame enough to be held, [the girl] no longer wished to touch it", the report continues.

"My intent was never to hurt her", the woman tells CNN affiliate WFTS.

The mother's name was not released because she has not been charged with a crime, authorities said. St. Laurent told police that was because she was surprised by her daughter's reaction to the snake attack, according to the probable cause affidavit. You can hear the daughter flinch and cry each time the snake strikes her. The woman later shared the video on Facebook and after it went viral, law enforcement stepped in to investigate.

The mum added: "His teeth are too small to actually puncture the skin". The entire incident is under investigation by the Highlands County Sheriff's Office.

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