Microsoft explains Xbox One X's £449 price

That's the same price the original Xbox One launched at (and the PS3, for that matter) but $100 more than both the PS4 and PS4 Pro launch prices. What's more - it looks like Xbox One X is better than Microsoft's arch rival Sony PS4 Pro for developers! But how do the three major consoles stack up against one another?

"One of the reasons I like bringing the original Xbox compatibility, the 360 compatibility back, is because I want. some of those old games should also get played in this time". Turn10's drive was to push for extreme graphical fidelity for the One X without sacrificing performance on earlier machines. If you're using PC, it would cost around $1,500. But while there is eager anticipation of true 4K gaming, and a wealth of titles to look forward to, there is something of a dark shadow hanging over the upcoming console: that price.

Phil Spencer, Microsoft's head of Xbox, says that Xbox One X stands to attract the best kind of gaming customers of all.

Once again, Microsoft has chose to slap its latest console with a $500 starting price.

Capcom have noted that if Ultra Street Fighter 2 were to sell well on the Switch, they'd consider adding the game to other consoles. This may have been considered a major oversight at one time, but in a climate in which streaming is becoming increasingly important it seems far less significant. Yet to experience 4K, one would of course have to own a 4K-capable TV or monitor, and without which, the Xbox One X's marquee feature basically becomes pointless. Halo kick started an entire sub culture within video games still loved to this day, encouraging players to group up for LAN parties and endless hours of cooperative play.

However, he said that the Xbox One X is designed for a particular type of customer - the best game customer - the one who buys and plays a lot of games.

One major drawback here is that of the VR support. It offers nearly twice the processing power when compared to the Nintendo Switch.

Destiny was a console exclusive until Destiny 2 was announced.

The latest console maker to join in was Microsoft, which used the E3 conference to introduce the Xbox One X, a new console with enough horsepower to support 4K gaming and video at 60 frames per second, along with support for High Dynamic Range (HDR). However, when it comes to processing the graphics, the PS4 Pro lags behind.

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