Lessons for NZ from UK election?

"What I'm doing now is actually getting on with the immediate job".

Corbyn also repeated his recent calls for May's resignation to "make way for a government that's truly representative".

However devolved delivery means there is likely to be little conflict with any health and social care reform in England that the Conservatives choose to progress following the election campaign's embarrassing U-turn on capping social care costs. "I believe that's important".

Having secured the largest number of votes and the greatest number of seats in the general election, it is clear that only the Conservative and Unionist party has the legitimacy and ability to provide that certainty by commanding a majority in the House of Commons.

And speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, he added that Labour would table a "substantial" amendment to any Queen's Speech from May, putting forward the party's position on Brexit.

Her remote style and unwillingness to engage with the public, in stark contrast to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has also drawn criticism.

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Apart from Gove and her close ally Damian Green, promoted to Cabinet Office minister to oversee the day-to-day running of the government, May confirmed most of the ministers from her previous cabinet.

The Islington North MP could have been facing a third leadership election in as many years had Labour been condemned to a resounding defeat.

In return, she won effusive pledges of loyalty, but she will have to sell her premiership to Conservative lawmakers at a meeting on Monday. "Theresa May's personal ambition", said Zoe Evans, a voter in Brighton.

Negotiations on Britain's exit from the European Union should start only when London is prepared, EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said after British elections ended in a hung parliament.

"Theresa May is a dead woman walking".

Newspaper headlines saw her as just clinging on.

Foster has been an outspoken opponent of abortion, stating previously that she did not support the extension of the Abortion Act 1967 to Northern Ireland, which would legalise terminations.

Former minister Anna Soubry called on Mrs May to sack her joint chiefs of staff, Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy, after she complained about their central roles in the campaign.

He previously served as Northern Ireland's environment minister despite insisting that people would eventually "look back at this whole climate change debate and ask ourselves how on Earth were we ever conned into spending the billions of pounds" on the issue.

British Prime Minister Theresa May struck a deal in principle with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party on Saturday to prop up the Conservative government, stripped of its majority in a disastrous election.

It comes as the DUP agreed to prop up Theresa May's diminished Government in a "confidence and supply basis".

The DUP does not work or negotiate on Sundays for religious reasons, but officials from both sides are due to meet on Monday, and DUP leader Arlene Foster told Sky News she would meet May on Tuesday.

"It is now 2017 - paramilitaries should not even exist, never mind be giving ringing endorsements of political candidates", said former Northern Ireland Justice Minister David Ford. I think probably before this election you could have assumed it was going to happen.

"But equally, we want the best for all of the United Kingdom".

The probability of a clean divorce from the European Union, a so-called "hard Brexit", can play out in different ways.

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