LeBron James Will Leave Cavs, Finish Career In Los Angeles

That could be a serious consideration down the line, especially if the Warriors win multiple championships, but the thinking here is James will stay put in Cleveland, for now.

Does he believe James should be issued a flagrant like Draymond was past year for the same thing? The guys that probably work the hardest, that have that killer instinct and that mindset, we don't care if we make or miss.

Warriors guard Stephen Curry was impressed to see Durant seize the moment and swing momentum in the game and series heavily in Golden State's favor.

Should LeBron James be suspended in Cavs vs Warriors Game 4? "I feel good. I actually feel better", James said.

"Do I look exhausted?" "He didn't want to play for Dan Gilbert", Patrick said.

James can opt out of the third year of the $99.86 million deal he signed almost 2 months after the Cavs defeated the Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals next summer.

If LeBron were to sign with the Clippers, O'Connor speculates that it would be in a scenario where he gets to play with his close friends Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony - aka the Banana Boat Boys. Just this one game, and everything that had been happening, fast and furious, after the Cavs had gone ahead by six points and seemed to have set themselves up to make the series 2-1 going into Friday night.

And while I can never compare them to their predecessors in the likes of Wally Lewis, Gary Ablett Snr, Michael Jordan, Donald Bradman and Scottie Pippen as I never got to watch them play - I don't think I ever could.

Unlike Green's "unnatural act", James' kick didn't hurt at all to his Finals victim, Andre Iguodala. Golden State and Cleveland have now played five games this season, including the regular season.

Friday night they are confronted with the grandest closeout of them all because if they beat the Cleveland Cavaliers one last time, they will become (a) National Basketball Association champions, (b) the best playoff team ever, (c) the dynasty best positioned to threaten the 1960s Celtics, (d) the team that broke the National Basketball Association, and (e) the new galactic standard in all sport. Four of the other Golden State victories have been beatdowns.

Durant knows what it's like to lose an NBA Finals, falling in 2012 to Miami as James won his first career title. Gilbert didn't go lightly in the letter as he mocked his former player, and made the whole thing worse by using Comic Sans font.

But as we know, LeBron did go back.

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