Kirsten Powers shuts down Trump aide who called Kamala Harris 'hysterical'

Kirsten Powers shuts down Trump aide who called Kamala Harris 'hysterical'

Kirsten Powers shuts down Trump aide who called Kamala Harris 'hysterical'

Elizabeth Warren before her, she is turning the lemon of her male colleagues' rudeness into the ultimate congressional lemonade: cash.

"So did you not consult it before you came before this committee knowing we would ask you questions about that?" she pressed.

After the California democrat was interrupted by the Senate Intelligence Committee's chair - for the second time in two weeks - her name began trending on Twitter right alongside Sessions'.

"I recused myself from any investigation into the campaigns for president", Sessions said in his opening statement, "but I did not recuse myself from defending my honor against scurrilous and false allegations". Harris asked him straight up: What is that policy and did you actually look at it? "She was interrupted for asking tough questions".

Sunny Hostin then proceeded to deliver a frothing sermon on the "stately" Senator Harris and impugn the character of Sessions by suggesting he was lying under oath. Same question, simple words, different targets.

"If you watch her, and I've watched her repeatedly, she doesn't often times let people answer the question". "I'm not to be able to be rushed this fast".

"Sir, I'm not asking about the principle", she countered. Harris pushed on, and Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina, the chairman of the committee asked Rosenstein to show her the courtesy of not answering her question.

While her male colleagues refuse to show her the same respect they do one another, Harris will be filling her campaign coffers with cash, gearing up for her next run.

"Mr. Chairman, they should be allowed to answer the question", he interjected. Freshman Sen. Kamala Harris fired off question after question about Sessions' meetings with Russian officials and discussions with President Donald Trump. "Senator Harris, let him answer", the North Carolina Republican said. And we talked about the real principle at stake is one that I have some appreciation towards, having spent 15 years in the Department of Justice, 12 as United States attorney, and that principle is that the Constitution provides the head of the executive branch certain privileges.

But apparently the last few months in D.C. have done little to blunt Harris's sharp prosecution style - which she turned on Sessions yesterday with little remorse. Harris has only been a senator since January. And I know Kamala Harris. "She was very dogged". "In this setting and this climate, the more information the better, so I think you can qualify as much information as you need to".

"It didn't seem like there was any effort to try to get to a real question or to the bottom of things", Miller responded.

"It's a Greek word: hysterical, hysteria, I guess, which means uterus, as in 'grab them by the ...' Like that", she said. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., spoke up.

CNN contributor and Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord added to the fiery exchange between Powers and Miller, saying, "Hysteria is a neutral quality". Bee said. "The guy whose master [Trump] starts every morning rage-tweeting conspiracy slander while working a well-done steak out of his colon does not get to call anyone hysterical".

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