Israelis mark Yoga Day on 1500 mats depicting the future

Israelis mark Yoga Day on 1500 mats depicting the future

Israelis mark Yoga Day on 1500 mats depicting the future

PM Modi doing Yoga in Lucknow (BCCL/ Farhan Ahmed Siddiqui) Strong winds and a heavy drizzle couldn't deter PM Narendra Modi and 51,000 other participants from celebrating the 3rd International Day of Yoga yesterday at the Ramabai Ambedkar Maidan in Lucknow.

Union minister Jitendra Singh today said yoga has revolutionised health management across the world by offering an opportunity to bring the mind in equilibrium with the body and stressed that there should be no politics over it. "Yoga is a skill of looking good, beautiful, smart and intelligent", Rudy stated.

Earlier, welcoming the Prime Minister to Lucknow, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, said that Yoga is a part of our tradition and it integrates us.

The Prime Minister said yoga has cut across linguistic and cultural barriers to unite various regions of the world - just like it links the mind, body and soul. "Today, they have sent a message across the world that yoga can be performed even in a downpour".

Modi said the increasing popularity of yoga spurred Unesco to add yoga to its list of intangible cultural heritage, along with Cuba's rumba and Peru's scissor dance, in December past year. "It is not necessary to perform yoga 24 hours a day".

Recalling as to how the United Nations gave its nod for the International Day of Yoga three years back, he said there might not be any country where yoga-related programmes are not held or attraction or awareness towards it has not grown. He also explained the importance of Yoga using an analogy of salt.

Addressing the enthusiastic and vociferous gathering, the Prime Minister conveyed his greetings from Lucknow to all those joining the Yoga Day celebrations across India. Then, for around 20 minutes, Modi followed the instructions being conveyed through the public address system to perform a number of yog asanas.

"Special events at iconic global locations across the globe have taken place with the participation of hundreds of thousands of yoga enthusiasts at several places".

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