Iowa's GOP senators say a full Obamacare repeal is unlikely

Iowa's GOP senators say a full Obamacare repeal is unlikely

Iowa's GOP senators say a full Obamacare repeal is unlikely

President Donald Trump on Tuesday said the Senate should get rid of the legislative filibuster so that it could pass healthcare and tax-cut bills. "Dems (Democrats) would do it, no doubt!" Trump wrote on Twitter. Reconciliation allows the Senate to pass legislation with only 51 votes, bypassing the filibuster.

While Democrats resorted to the so-called "nuclear option" in 2013 to eliminate the filibuster for executive branch and judicial nominees - except those to the Supreme Court - they did not change the rules for legislative filibusters.

Mr. Trump's comments about his two top legislative priorities come as Republican leaders are already using a special procedure known as "reconciliation" - which requires only a simple majority of votes in the 100-member Senate - to consider health-care legislation. In reality, The Wall Street Journal's Richard Rubin reports, the GOP's "boldest ideas for changing the nation's tax code are either dead or on political life support, as the Republican effort in Congress to reshape the tax system moves much more slowly than lawmakers and their allies in business had hoped".

Traditionally, senators are allowed to filibuster to stall a bill that is short of the 60 votes needed to pass legislation.

Mr. Trump's tweets have kept his allies and opponents off balance during policy fights.

A tax-law writer for the North Carolina House is downplaying differences with the Senate in their respective state budgets over which taxes to cut or incentives to offer.

"I suggest that we add more dollars to Healthcare and make it the best anywhere".

Both the GOP healthcare bill, the American Health Care Act, and Trump's tax proposals have faced unanimous opposition from Democrats. As long as the bill cuts the federal deficit, it is not subject to a 60-vote threshold.

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