IFixit Tears Down the New 2017 MacBook and 2017 MacBook Pro

At Apple's WWDC 2017 keynote, the key executives Craig Federighi, Phil Schiller, and, of course, Tim Cook, took the stage to announce updates headed to iPhones, MacBooks, Apple TV, and more.

I've had a new 15-inch MacBook Pro for about a day, and a 27-inch iMac is en route to my house as we speak.

The latest iPad Pro offers a brand new 10.5-inch display that is 20% larger than the previous iPad Pro's 9.7-inch screen. It replaces the 9.7-inch version, although Apple is keeping the 12.9-inch model, which it also refreshed at WWDC. The Cupertino, Calif. company rarely talks up products that will not shortly reach stores, but has been breaking that tradition of late. Apple's own apps including Siri, Apple Music, Photos, and Mail will get significant updates, while deep learning technology will understand a user's preferences over time for better Siri responses, text suggestions, content to read and more. Moreover, it also gives users a simple view of files on their device and also those stored with cloud services including iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more. The screens on the new iMac models are 43 percent brighter than before, and they now add Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) connectors to the existing USB 3 ports.

Maxon's Cinebench R15 graphics test is a bit old by now, but the 27-inch iMac with the upgraded AMD graphics card hit 105.8 frames per second in OpenGL which is quick, and an impressive 592 in the CPU test. This month we're offering our readers an extra 2% off any Apple iPad from certified Apple reseller KRCS - on top of the £36 saving already available.

There's also a new smart keyboard and that, when paired with the Apple Pencil, makes it easier to use an iPad Pro like a computer. Overall, the iPad Pro is exactly what its name suggests it is: a tablet suitable for professional users.

This week's announcement was the fulfillment of that promise.

Amazon rolled out the initial Echo in November 2014 (with even cheaper family members following it) and Google followed with Home mid-last year.

A beautifully crafted case for Apple Pencil made of durable leather, it's available in colors that match other Apple accessories. Hopefully, when newer models are inbound featuring Intel's 8th generation processors, we might get to see MacBook Pro models getting capped at 32GB RAM. "To me, that addresses [the critics] as long as they don't slip".

With the price of the new MacBook Pro lineup remaining unchanged, future consumers will be pleased to know that there is some consolation for making a purchase of these new machines. This week's refresh, however, maintains the 16GB maximum. You could say it offers more flexibility that way. The 13-inch MacBook Air also got a faster processor in a rare update. "The [pro segment] is a very small part of the market, but it's very important", Milanesi said, citing the theory that those customers have outsized influence on colleagues' technology choices and can drive their employers' purchasing or at least support. The only thing that has changed is a bump in the processor's speed.

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