Hotpoint fridge owners urged to contact company following Grenfell Tower disaster

Hotpoint fridge owners urged to contact company following Grenfell Tower disaster

Hotpoint fridge owners urged to contact company following Grenfell Tower disaster

The council said it could take two to four weeks for the four blocks to be made safe.

The British government estimates up to 600 other high-rise buildings in the country could face the same problem as the Swiss Cottage towers.

More than 700 flats in tower blocks on an estate in the Swiss Cottage area of north-west London have been evacuated because of fire safety concerns.

Many residents complained about a lack of information and confusion.

The London Fire Brigade concluded that the towers of 800 flats were unsafe and evacuated residents could spend up to 4 weeks in hotels while the cladding is removed from the building.

"I know it's hard, but Grenfell changes everything", Camden Council chief Georgia Gould told reporters outside a complex of buildings known as Chalcots Estate on Friday.

Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May, who has been criticized for her slow response to the Grenfell tragedy, said Saturday that the government was supporting Camden officials to ensure residents have somewhere to stay while building work is done. Councilmembers for the London borough of Camden say it was the stark memory of the Grenfell blaze, which killed at least 79 people earlier this month, that spurred them to act.

Stephen Tate, director of district centres and regeneration at Croydon Council, said: "They [the four tower blocks] were our priority and the results have stood as the same [as the other safe blocks]".

The cladding used at River Apartments in Cannon Road is Reynobond PE-the same brand of cladding which is thought to have contributed to the rapid spread of fire at the west London tower block in which 79 people are so far know to have lost their lives.

Six people are still being treated by three London hospitals following the disaster, with two in critical care, NHS England said.

"I've made the really, really hard decision to move the people living there into temporary accommodation while we do the urgent works to guarantee safety", Gould told reporters outside the public housing complex.

But fire-safety experts have said the Grenfell disaster was probably due to a string of failures, not just the cladding.

The Metropolitan Police said cladding attached to the 24-story public housing project during a recent renovation failed safety tests conducted by investigators, and that they have seized documents from a number of organizations.

"We are looking at every criminal offence from manslaughter onwards", Detective Superintendent Fiona McCormack told reporters.

Authorities now acknowledge the risks posed by exterior cladding to thousands of people around the country who live in blocks like Grenfell Tower. "We are looking at all health and safety and fire safety offences, and we are reviewing every company at the moment involved in the building and refurbishment of Grenfell Tower". McCormack said the Hotpoint model FF175BP refrigerator-freezer had not been subject to any product recalls before the fire.

Fears about cladding are not limited to apartment buildings. Samples from 14 buildings in London, Manchester and Plymouth have already been found to be combustible.

"Of these 39 council tower blocks, 16 have cladding that independent checks confirmed this week to be good-quality, fire-retardant and containing different materials to the kind used at Grenfell Tower". One hotel chain, Premier Inn, is calling in experts to make certain its properties meet safety regulations.

She's concerned about her infant baby: "They want to put me in here and it's not sterile for him".

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