Google's new job hunting feature will help you get your dream job

Google's new job hunting feature will help you get your dream job

Google's new job hunting feature will help you get your dream job

Thanks to Google, looking for a new job is now easier than ever because yesterday, the company launched their new job search feature.

Users will see the job listing and any reviews of the employer, if applicable, within the results area. The search engine is trying to turn its site into an employment engine. One major part of this effort was launching an improved experience for job seekers on Google Search.

The new job search technology will serve two purposes, said Zach Fuller, an analyst at Midia Research.

This represents the next step in the Google for Jobs initiative that uses machine learning to provide people with smarter job recommendations and search facilities. It will enable its users to find jobs from nearly every major online job portals, which includes Monster, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, DirectEmployers, WayUp, etc.

The widget will give you options to filter these results as well and when you click on a specific listing, you will also get to see the company's Indeed and Glassdoor rating.

To integrate directly with Google, you need to publish job postings on your website and make sure those are indexable. Once you find a job, google will direct you to the respective site to actually start the application process.

"The Google Jobs API on the J&J careers site enables candidates to find open positions across the company in a much more intuitive and relevant way", said Sjoerd Gehring, global vp of talent acquisition at Johnson & Johnson.

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Hence, via one single platform of Google, the job seeker can discover jobs posted in any of these portals, instantly. This feature is available when typing search phrases in English such as "jobs near me" or (for example) "writing jobs". "People from all walks of life, experiences and backgrounds have undergone a job hunt at some point in their lives", said Google.

Google will also be presenting a jobs listing for you on your mobile and desktop's chrome browser, aiming to rectify the hassles of browsing through multiple job websites, which often ends up at wasting time at duplicate and irrelevant jobs.

Its worth noting that Google is not using details about you that it already knows for this process.

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