Dazed golf great Tiger Woods struggles to walk in police arrest video

Jupiter, Florida police have released the dashcam video of Tiger Woods' arrest on suspicion he was driving under the influence.

The video released by the Florida police shows Woods confused and very unsteady as an officer put him through a field sobriety test. The left brake light was on and right turn signal flashing.

"Both drivers' side tires were flat along with minor damage to both respective rims", the incident report said.

One officer said that when he asked Woods where he was headed, the golfer replied that "he did not know, that he just likes to drive".

Dash cam footage also captured the athlete's sobriety test. Woods can be seen swaying and asking one of the officers, "What are we doing?"

Though his blood alcohol content registered at.000 after two breathalyzer tests, Woods acknowledged at the time of his arrest that he had a mixture of drugs in his system.

Woods released a statement on Monday night where he said he took "full responsibility for his actions".

Woods, 41, said in a statement he was not drinking alcohol, shooting down early tabloid stories that he was driving drunk. "I didn't realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly".

Woods' arraignment in Palm Beach County court is scheduled for July 5.

When the officer performs a test in which Woods is asked to follow a red light with his eyes, the officer says, "You're not even looking at the light". The arrest affidavit listed Vicodin as one of the medications he had taken.

When he did get out of his vehicle, Woods was swaying and slurring his words, police said.

Between his injuries, romantic issues, and now this arrest, Woods appears to be in a tough spot.

Furthermore, police also released photos of Woods'$220,000 Mercedes-Benz. Woods can be heard telling him he did not know where.

He apologised to his family, friends and fans, adding he would "do everything" in his power "to ensure this never happens again".

He told police he had taken a mixture of four prescription drugs.

Woods had his fourth back surgery on April 20 and is out the rest of the year. Woods then had surgeries on his knee and four surgeries on his back which also led to criticism and more poor play on the Professional Golfer's Association Tour.

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