Cosby accuser to resume testimony in sex assault trial

Cosby accuser to resume testimony in sex assault trial

Cosby accuser to resume testimony in sex assault trial

She testified in Norristown, Pennsylvania's Montgomery County Courthouse Tuesday.

Bill Cosby walks from the Montgomery County Courthouse during his sexual assault trial, Tuesday, June 6, 2017, in Norristown, Pa. More than 50 women have publicly accused the iconic comedian of sexual assault, but only Ms Constand has secured a trial. Even Judge Steven T O'Neill and the defence lawyers of the legendary comedian did not know that she would testify so early in the trial.

Read: How Much Is Bill Cosby Worth? I wasn't able to fight ... "I wanted it to stop", Constand said. If he's convicted, Cosby faces up to 10 years in prison on each of three felony counts and up to $25,000 in fines.

The accusations came 12 years after the alleged event during Andrea Constand's testimony at Cosby's trial.

Cosby's defense team attempted to discredit Constand's story. She told how Cosby allegedly gave her three blue pills, telling her they were to reduce stress.

Constand has said she felt her friendship with Cosby, now 79, was important to the school's athletics department, where she managed the women's basketball team while he was a high-profile trustee. "And I felt him take my hand, place it on his penis and move it back and forth", she told court. "I felt really humiliated and I was really confused".

Cosby, sitting across the room at the defense table, leaned in to listen, whispered to his lawyer and, at times, shook his head.

The woman Bill Cosby is charged with drugging and molesting returns to the witness stand on Wednesday, and the comedian's lawyer suggested she will turn up the heat. Prosecutors, however, said they will introduce as evidence his words in a 2005 deposition related to the Constand case, when he admitted obtaining the sedative Quaaludes for women and also to giving Constand Benadryl.

Pulliam has defended him in the past and in an interview with Access Hollywood, she told the public to hold their judgment.

Cosby was "somebody I trusted", Constand said. One time, he placed a hand on her thigh. "I wanted it to stop".

Constand confirmed this was true, but said that at the time she made the claim, she had been trying to access her phone records from Temple University, her employer, to pin down when the alleged assault occurred. Constand said the actor served as her mentor and invited her to his home to discuss her career. "And it was sometime between 4 and 5 [a.m.] and I needed to get home because I had to go to work".

Constand said she did not have the courage at the time to tell her family what had happened, so she just went along with it.

The defense repeatedly pointed out that during the night of the alleged sexual assault, a fire had been lit, the lights were dimmed and incense provided by Constand burned, all contributing to a romantic mood. Her testimony was cut off part of the way through cross-examination today and will pick up again Wednesday morning.

Constand replied, "I was very nervous", and "I wasn't able to recall every particular moment that I had seen Mr. Cosby in order of dates".

She said she took two sips of the tea, nibbled the top of the muffin and left. She added she couldn't move her legs or hands.

A few weeks later, Sewell said, Johnson disclosed that she had woken up next to Cosby in bed with her clothes askew. She said they were introduced through a well-respected donor of Temple University sports.

Her claim is the only one to reach court because the time limits on all the others have run out.

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