Apple App Store update moves tipping to in-app purchase territory

Not all developers out there want your birth certificate and bathing schedule, but enough have proven themselves less than scrupulous over the years, so anything Apple and Google do to help users limit data collection and location tracking is always welcome.

Users will also be able to opt out of receiving pop-ups entirely.

Best of all, the new, official review prompt can only appear three times a year to an app user. Instead, there'll be two key restrictions that should reduce headaches for everyone: First, apps will be required to use a new Apple-made review prompt, which allows users to leave a rating without exiting an app.

New language in the App Store Review Guidelines spotted by 9to5 Mac suggests the star-thirsty pop-ups will be handled differently with the new App Store redesign coming with iOS 11. Custom-built prompts would force users to leave the app and go to the App store in order to provide a rating. To note, companies such as Uber and Waze will continue to receive data about a user's location at a certain point of time as long as the location tracking feature is enabled. The update should make customers more willing to give feedback on the apps they use every day. But the concern from developers may be the loss of control over when, or how often, that prompt is presented. This, however, does have some downsides to consumers as well.

According to a statement issued by Zhihu, after the update of the iOS3.5.3 version app, the tipping feature will be connected to Apple's in-app purchase mechanism, and Apple will take 32 percent as commission. It also serves as a check against nuking one's review score, if a lot of users who previously reviewed can't be prompted again for a year. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter for updates and his random thoughts on the latest trends in gaming, tech, and comic books.

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