Amazon Echo supports iCloud calendars ahead of rumored Siri speaker

Apple is reportedly ready to announce its Siri-powered smart speaker and could do so during its developer conference next month, Bloomberg said on Thursday. To differentiate itself from those other products, the Apple smart speaker will boast virtual surround sound and will be more seamlessly integrated with Apple products and services, like Apple Music.

Since it launched a year ago, the Echo has gone on to be a huge success for the online retail giant with the device able to play music, get weather reports and the latest news via simple voice commands.

As the name implies, the speaker would be controlled by Apple's Siri assistant, ostensibly granting a similar level of functionality as you'd have on an iPhone. With the Siri-controlled speaker, it may help in keeping their customers to be loyal to the service products. For instance, Bloomberg reports, one of the company's focuses has been improving audio quality over Echo and Google Home. But wait, there's more: Apple is moving quickly and may unveil the new device as soon as the June WWDC.

With this speaker, users can control its devices, such as windows blinds and door locks, through HomeKit automation system.

What's more, although firmed up details are still lacking, it's claimed that Apple's smart speaker will differ largely to those already offered by Amazon and Google. The smart speaker is a whole new category that was created by Amazon back in 2014, and includes an AI assistant called Alexa. Well they are wrong, besides Apple makes much more money than them, and making more margin is proof that they invented it right? It would also integrate with Apple's ecosystem, so you should be able to control HomeKit-capable smart home devices.

This has been the major difference between Apple and the other two majors, Google and Amazon. He expects service revenue to double by 2020 from last year's US$24 billion (RM103 billion). (NASDAQ:AAPL) very clearly trails its rivals in the tech space, it's connected voice-enabled speakers. (NASDAQ:AAPL) could release its first-generation smart speakers during its upcoming WWDC Keynote conference on June 5.

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