YouTube agog at Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer rolling down street

In one sketch, set in the White House press briefing room, "SNL" cast member Aidy Bryant plays deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Sanders claimed that Spicey's hideout in the bushes was a Naval exercise, but before you can blink, McCarthy's Spicer is back in the press room, spraying a reporter with a fire extinguisher and yelling, "When you lie all the time, your trousers go on fire".

"Have you ever told me to say things that are untrue?" an out of breath Spicer asks Trump. "I'm filling in for Sean today because as you know, Sean is fulfilling his duty in the naval service".

Saturday Night Live has taken a fresh dig at Sean Spicer after the White House press secretary concealed himself behind a hedge to avoid taking questions from the media earlier this week.

So when Spicer, like everyone else, saw clips surfacing Friday morning of Melissa McCarthy dressed as him driving around New York City on a motorized podium (made by a Montgomery county company), he probably knew to avoid watching Saturday Night Live this week.

And once Spicer and Trump are re-united (on a golf-course, where else?), there is really only one way for Trump to show just how much he cares about Spicer.

McCarthy, as Spicer, proceeds to take control of the briefing, announcing "Spicey's back!"

"Kiss me", Baldwin's Trump said, embracing "Spicey". Has he been lying to Spicer?

"Let me put this whole Russian thing to bed: Trump is innocent", he seethed at the press corps. "Because, you know, we're faced with people with the same pained look, the furrowed brow, the curled lip, anytime someone tries to say something, including the president".

NEW YORK (AP) — Melissa McCarthy once again brought comic spice plus Spicer to "Saturday Night Live".

"Sure, O.K.", Baldwin's Trump shrugs, knowing that without Republicans willing to stand up to him, he can get away with just about anything.

If they're friends, "why does he make you come out here and humiliate yourself every day" and then "why is everyone saying he is about to fire you and replace you with Sarah?"

McCarthy's Spicer and Baldwin's Trump flirted, with Trump tickling Spicer and Spicer declaring he had a wife. In the sketch, Che's Holt is shocked when Baldwin-as-Trump admits to firing Comey because of the Russian Federation probe.

President Trump's surprise dismissal of Comey left the White House staff scrambling for hours to explain why.

A charming closing credits, where Steve Martina appeared to welcome McCarthy into the coveted five-timers club.

"Only since you started working here", Trump replied.

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