United Nations chief: drought-stricken Somalia 'hangs in the balance'

United Nations chief: drought-stricken Somalia 'hangs in the balance'

United Nations chief: drought-stricken Somalia 'hangs in the balance'

The United Nations has said it requires a further $900 million (£700 million) in aid this year for the drought in Somalia.

The conference tackled a wide range of issues, from Somalia's requests for debt relief to calls for easier access to the worldwide banking system, but British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said the security pact was the main achievement. - Reuters picMired in violent chaos since 1991, Somalia is also suffering the effects of a severe drought that has left parts of the country on the brink of starvation. 'Here in London we can tip the scales from danger to safety.' ... Communities have been subject to Al-Shabaab handouts, a strategy by the group to win over the hearts and minds of the Somalia people, Critical Threats has warned.

Farmajo's government has been in place less than three months-he announced his cabinet in March-and in that time, the militant group has carried out multiple large-scale suicide bombings in Mogadishu and other attacks elsewhere.

The UN health agency said it was concerned by the chronic shortage of funding for life-saving work in Somalia in response to the ongoing drought that has plunged the country further towards starvation, disease, and health insecurity.

In a global bid to help Somalia fight poverty and terror, a new security and reform measures were agreed in a major worldwide conference on Somalia held in London on Thursday.

President Kenyatta called for an increase in the number of African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) troops to put the Horn of Africa country on a firm trajectory for growth.

On the other hand, deputy Prime Minister, leaders of Somalia's regional states, members from Somali Diaspora community are also reported in attendance of the high-level conference.

"Al Shabaab has AK-47s and the Somali national forces has the same equipment, the same weapons, and that's why this war has been lingering for 10 years".

Fighting continues to devastate the country, however, with violations of human rights and global humanitarian law occurring with impunity, Mr. Guterres noted.

"Let us empower the Federal government of Somalia to be at the center of all these endeavours".

"We spoke [about] how the United States can be very helpful to eradicate and fight against Al-Shabab, and he's very committed", says Farmajo in response to a question from Newsweek at the conference.

World powers agreed plans in London to support and train Somalia's army and police to take over duties now performed by the African Union.

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