Nintendo Theme Parks May Include Mario Kart Races

Nintendo Theme Parks May Include Mario Kart Races

Nintendo Theme Parks May Include Mario Kart Races

On May 24, Nintendo filed a trademark application with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for "Super Nintendo World".

It looks like Nintendo has thought of everything if this trademark filing is to be believed.

It was previously reported last year that Super Nintendo World would be debuting in Universal Studios parks worldwide, and last week a trademark was filed that hints at some details included in the new Nintendo lands. All this is strictly speculative as no official announcements have been made for Super Nintendo World since a year ago, but stick with us for more developments on the exciting new project! The video is more of a concept but gives you an idea of what could be. Most notable among those details is "management or arrangement of kart racing" and "management or arrangement of motorcycle events" and "other events with vehicles".

This could mean any number of things.

Unless Nintendo plans on reviving F-Zero in the most weird way possible, this particular piece of the filing seems to refer to Nintendo's desire to implement a go-kart version of Mario Kart at Super Nintendo World. If that doesn't scream, "OH MY GOD WE'RE GETTING MARIO KART IRL", we're not sure what does.

Super Nintendo World is set to debut at Universal Studios Japan in 2020. Or perhaps a dirt bike stunt show with people dressed in Excitebike uniforms?

It seems that Nintendo wants to go into the theme park business.

Numerous other listing information ranges from the possibility of actual Nintendo games and devices (maybe theme park exclusives) sold in the park, to an interative arcade featuring classic titles.

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