New Overwatch Hero Teased in Horizon Lunar Colony Lore

Blizzard has just confused everyone with one single tweet about a new Overwatch update.

It's looking incredibly likely that there's going to be a new Overwatch map set on the moon, complete with playable Hammond.

The team at Overwatch are beginning to tease some new content which could be coming to the game soon. It sheds light on the program taking place in Horizon Lunar Colony.

In the official Overwatch blog, Blizzard revealed details about something known as the Horizon Lunar Colony. Other emails liken the gorillas to rowdy teenagers acting out against their caretakers and mention that all test subjects on the colony have experienced similar negative effects. Where's Hammond? You'll notice his name mentioned in the messages above. As you can see, Winston isn't the only specimen to be missing. The latter is apparently a "smaller test subject", meaning he might not be the brutish tank that Winston is.

Blizzard has begun teasing a new multiplayer map for the community, which also inadvertently confirms the arrival of the next Overwatch hero. That experiment had a gruesome end: The gorillas revolted and killed the colony's scientists, and took over the station.

The arrival of the game's 25th hero could be imminent.

Given the fact that Overwatch's lore exists only in blogs and trailers rather than-against all logic-a campaign mode, casual Overwatch fans would be forgiven for not immediately recognizing the import of the Horizon Lunar Colony.

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