LEADING OFF: Discipline on deck for Harper-Strickland brawl

LEADING OFF: Discipline on deck for Harper-Strickland brawl

LEADING OFF: Discipline on deck for Harper-Strickland brawl

And then the restrained, short-memoried, professional Strickland - who had hit two batters over more than 75 innings in 2016 and 2017 - hit Bryce Harper on the hip Monday evening. Harper, 24, pointed his bat at Strickland and charged towards him, throwing his helmet to the ground as he ran. Strickland claimed Harper had beaten him on a couple pitches over the middle of the plate in previous at bats against him, so going inside was his best bet to get him out.

The San Francisco Giants won their last World Series in the 2014 season when they beat the Washington Nationals in the first round, which led to some confusion as to why Strickland would still be upset over giving up a few home runs in the first round. That's the first time I was certain that somebody was trying to throw at me.

It took three Giants players - George Kontos, Mac Williamson and Hunter Pence -to drag Strickland all the way off the field and into the dugout.

After throwing his helmet, Harper proceeded to take some serious swings at Strickland, who did the same in return. Harper's replacement, Brian Goodwin, would actually score on a Daniel Murphy hit later in the inning to put the Nationals ahead 3-0.

"We don't do things out of the ordinary or from what I want", Bochy said. 'It looks bad, it does, ' he said.

Both Harper and Strickland were ejected from the game, and suspensions are both likely in the future for both. Strickland threw down his glove and beckoned Harper.

"Two to nothing, eighth inning, two outs and nobody on. that's prime time to hit somebody, and he did", Nationals manager Dusty Baker said.

"I don't get to fight the pitcher when he strikes me out twice", Zimmerman said.

Both Harper and Strickland are sure to be suspended for Monday's brawl. "I think he was upset about just how excited he got".

Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth, Harper's teammate in 2014, said the incident shouldn't come as that big a surprise. "Obviously, my emotions got the best of me in Game 2, so just going about it the right way and be more professional".

Hunter Strickland had almost 1,000 days to decide whether to fire a deadly object in the direction of Bryce Harper, who had a second or two to decide how to retaliate. And I'm not a mind reader, but I can certainly tell a guy that misses the plate that much. 'I don't know why he's thinking about it. "A baseball's a weapon, and to be able to use that to his advantage, what do you want to do in that situation?"

Really? How did that policing go Monday in San Francisco? With the club struggling already this season, this could mean that Strickland finds himself wearing a different uniform if the Giants decide to go with a younger group and start selling off pieces in hopes of replenishing their farm system. Rene Rivera and Michael Conforto each hit an RBI double during a three-run fifth against starter Matt Garza (2-2).

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