Group defends Issa's health care vote in new TV ad

Group defends Issa's health care vote in new TV ad

Group defends Issa's health care vote in new TV ad

Leading a coalition of 16 Attorneys General, Schneiderman and Becerra moved to intervene in the ongoing appeal of a lawsuit filed by House Republicans that undercuts the affordability of health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act.

One reason why many people in West Virginia can not expect to live as long as people in other parts of the country is because we have elected officials who consistently vote for wealthy special interests, instead of for what is best for the health and well-being of everyday West Virginians. Specifically, the States' motion argues that the District Court's ruling, if it stays in place, will result in direct financial loss to some of the States, harm consumers, increase the number of uninsured, create additional uncertainty in the health insurance markets, and cause difficulty for State rate approval processes.

The 90-day delay will force the companies to guess about the premiums they need to charge to cover the costs of insuring the individual market population.

Obamacare banned lifetime and annual dollar limits, which applied to the 10 essential health benefits. An independent analysis by Families USA, a nonprofit organization in Washington, D.C., reveals that the AHCA's funding "leaves behind as many as 15 million people with pre-existing conditions". Today's announcement by the Trump Administration means that states and health insurance carriers will have to set rates for the 2018 plan year without any certainty of whether or not the subsidy payments will continue.

The Republican proposal has drawn opposition from many prominent health care groups, including the American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the American Diabetes Association. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said an earlier version of the bill projected the AHCA slashes $880 billion from Medicaid over the next decade.

"For that reason, PMHC encourages Congress to consider ways in which the Medicaid program can be appropriately modernized so that access to and the savings derived from home-based care and services can be improved".

Kaiser estimated 27.4 million people under age 65 had a gap in health insurance of several months in 2015, leaving them open to steeply higher premiums in states that adopt the AHCA waiver.

"Employers are confident they'll be providing health care for the near future and are hesitant to commit to changes until they see the big picture", says Stone. "It really took a lot of junk off the market, and there was a lot of it". The bill also includes starkly regressive tax provisions. They would face high premiums and less coverage. Opponents note, however, that the bill would reduce ACA subsidies that help people pay for coverage. We as a nation should be progressing to ensure health coverage for all, not taking steps backward by denying human rights to the less fortunate.

"The reality is that if states strip out the [essential health benefits], that could very well take out the very services needed to address that pre-existing condition", said Molly Smith, senior associate director for policy development at the American Hospital Association. Yet, there's a catch: The spending limits apply only to services covered by the essential health benefits.

"Here, in California, more than 5 million people now receive quality, affordable health care under the ACA, many for the first time", Becerra added, standing alongside health care professionals and Obamacare advocates. "It's just not sustainable".

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