Gov. Abbott to make decision on special session this week

Gov. Abbott to make decision on special session this week

Gov. Abbott to make decision on special session this week

They are also key issues for Governor Abbott though Abbott didn't start speaking out in favor of a bathroom bill until relatively late in the session.

Texas' legislative session is winding down with a "bathroom bill" targeting transgender people all but dead and negotiations to salvage it at a standstill.

Special sessions can run for up to 30 days.

On Sunday, House members of the Sunset Commission pointed to the Senate's decision to strip a key amendment from Senate Bill 1929 that would have saved some state agencies from closing their doors.

"When it gets to a special session, the time and topics are exclusively up to the governor in the state of Texas", Abbott said in a statement.

When Abbott was asked if he was feeling any pressure from Patrick on a special session, he said "None". The House, meanwhile, prefers to limit the scope of their restrictions on transgender people to just school-age students, while providing transgender students with the option of using a single-stall facility if they so choose.

During a special session, the governor picks the topics to be addressed and he can call lawmakers back as many times, for as many special sessions as he would like, until the Legislature produces what he wants.

"I'll be making announcements later this week about a special session", Abbott told reporters in a South Austin parking lot, where he signed into law a bill on ridesharing, blocking cities from enacting "a patchwork" of their own regulations in favor of a statewide policy. That said, failing to wrangle some type of anti-transgender restrictions out of a special session would likely endanger Abbott's standing among conservative voters, on whom he'll have to rely for his re-election in 2018.

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