Fallen officers honored at Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony

Fallen officers honored at Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony

Fallen officers honored at Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony

Only six police officers have lost their lives protecting the Williamson County community, but the risk is always there. The 5K event honors law enforcement officers, and part of the proceeds from the Marshall run will go toward the Minnesota Law Enforce-ment Memorial Asso- ciation, Rieke said.

With the addition of those names, the total number of names inscribed on the memorial is now 273. There are few jobs more perilous than that of a police officer, and their service deserves to be recognized at every turn.

Zachary Brannock, 4, of Manchester salutes with his twin brother Joshua (obscured, left) as police officers pass by at the New Hampshire Law Enforcement Officers 25th anniversary Memorial ceremony on North State Street in Concord on Friday, May 19, 2017.

The system is a result of legislation passed in 2015 and is named in honor of two fallen New York City Police Department officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, who were ambushed in 2014, according to the release.

Navajo Division of Public Safety Executive Director Jesse Delmar and Navajo Police Chief Phillip Francisco observed National Police Week in Washington, D.C., including tribal councilmen Edmund Yazzie, Raymond Smith and Kee Allen Begay, members of the Law and Order Committee of the 23rd Navajo Nation Council.

"We really appreciate the community's support", Rieke said. "Not only to us but to their incredible families".

The local 5K came at the end of National Police Week.

Vice President Nez said, "Navajo Police officers face unknown dangers daily and they face these challenges without second thought each time they don the uniform and put on the badge".

Nationwide, though, law enforcement has grown increasingly unsafe, with more than 750 officers killed in the line of duty since 2011.

Hundreds of officers from across the state gathered at the Capitol to honor those killed in the last year, along with those added to the wall in previous years.

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