Amazon's New Echo Speakers will 'Show' You What Alexa is Capable of

Amazon's New Echo Speakers will 'Show' You What Alexa is Capable of

Amazon's New Echo Speakers will 'Show' You What Alexa is Capable of

But Amazon has secured a decisive advantage with the Echo and the new Echo Show, and it is hard to see it losing that advantage and its lead in AI development.

Microsoft has not officially confirmed the HomeHub, but reports speculate that the feature could be introduced during the tech giant's upcoming event in Shanghai on Tuesday, May 23.

Amazon Alexa could guide you not just through its voice, it's now even capable of showing you its real prowess.

Over half of daily Echo users can recall hearing advertising via the device, with radio being the main source. It weighs about 2.5 pounds and comes in at 7.4 by 7.4 by 3.5 inches. Last year, Google unveiled a voice-activated home device called Google Home. In March 2017, a Google Home user experienced an advertisement for the film Beauty and the Beast, creating concern about privacy issues.

Well, the Amazon Echo had a good run as an ad-free platform - and all good things, as they say, must come to an end.

The black Echo Show has topped the electronics top seller charts on in the first 48 hours of the launch. If you want someone off the list, you've got to erase them from your contacts altogether. The device has got a lot of potentials. Besides calls, you can also get a visual look at weather, watch YouTube videos, control your smart home devices, view your security cameras and so much more. Echo has thrived because Amazon has relentlessly pushed itself on AI development by working with third-party developers.

Amazon is facing massive competition for the Echo, with figures released Monday claiming that 0ver 5.1 million devices have been sold. In a very short period, the company has attained huge success with the Echo gadgets. Not just voice calls, the other person can also record voice messages and send text messages that would deliver to both your Echo device and Alexa app on your phone.

That's all great, but since you're here, you probably want to know: Can the Echo Show improve your life in the kitchen?

In addition to all of those features, users will also be able to make video calls to others who have the Echo Show or have downloaded the Alexa App to their mobile device.

Obviously, it'll be able to play videos from a variety of different platforms, enabling you to bring up a recipe video when you're cooking dinner for your family. Although I don't think that smart speakers will become irrelevant, I do think offering a screen will be a welcome option for many. Google by contrast faces challenges in getting its advertising business model to work with the Google Home, and a small attempt to audio advertise "The Beauty and the Beast" met with swift backlash.

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